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Thank you for visiting the World Plumbing Council’s Research Database Website! The purpose of this web site is to provide users with the opportunity to investigate what is happening around the globe regarding research efforts pertaining to plumbing and water related issues. The concept is to provide a resource to all interested parties to help learn about research programs that have already been completed or which are currently in progress on specific plumbing or water related topical areas. The database also allows users to submit their ideas and recommendations towards new research programs that support advancing the body of knowledge along those same topical areas. In providing this resource, the WPC hopes to reduce duplication of research efforts and facilitate a new level of collaboration among researchers.

Who should use this website? This website is intended to be utilized by academic researchers, students, industry, manufacturers, associations, Standards Developing Organizations, governmental entities or any individual interested in plumbing or water related research programs. In other words… seeing that you have already taken the time to read this far… You!

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